Rural house

Casa Rural de los Ulibarri is ideal to enjoy all the charm that Navarra has to offer. It is an ancient house from the XVI century.

It was rehabilitated as a house for tourist accommodation in 2009, while maintaining its noble character and most of its original distribution.

It has large common spaces, which make it ideal for a numerous families or groups of friends.

A little bit of history…

‘Casa de los Ulibarri’ retains the charm and the atmosphere of Navarra´s manor houses built in the XVI Century. It is one of the few noble houses that can still be found in the village of Allo, legacy from the old times when Navarra was a Kingdom within the Kingdom of Spain and the prosperous local people built their homes with the intention of harbouring their family´s proud surnames and wealth for future generations.

Ethnographic museum

From the second floor upwards, the wall along the main staircase hold some of the working tools that used to be employed in the family´s lands in past times. The house has many ancient utensils used for agricultural and domestic purposes, which will be part of an ethnographic museum, a project on which ‘Casa de los Ulibarri‘ is currently working.

The third floor occupies is formed by an enormous barn. There you can appreciate the ashlar stone pillars, bearers of the weight of the house since its construction four hundred years ago??.

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